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Write On! October Highlights

What an amazing month it has been so far.

The first class of the month took place on October 2 where we introduced all the students to each other and got started.

We have participants with song inspiration from old time country to Freddie Mercury to Canadian staples such as Neil Young. Some come from classical backgrounds, youth singers groups, Cuban music or folk, country and rock. We have guitar players, flutists, piano players, violinists and more. Then some of the students even have music production experience. There is something to learn from everyone around you and everyone brings their own little uniqueness to this group!

We kicked off the course by discovering some fundamentals of songwriting techniques prior to introducing our guest speaker for the month. October's guest speaker was Kerry Clarke from the Calgary Folk Festival and Music Calgary. A HUGE thank you to Kerry for sharing her insight into her corner of the music world. The students got the lowdown on how to present themselves well and make a great first impression as well as being prepared to apply for festivals when they are ready.

The students went on their way with three assignments for the month and an invitation to the Calgary Folk Club for a night with the Backyard Betties (our facilitator - Nancy Laberge's Band) as opener and followed by James Keelaghan.

Keep following for updates!!

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