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Write On! April Highlights

Can you believe it --- April saw our last class of the season! But the program was not over yet...

A great to start to the class - Jan Boydal from the Calgary Folk Club gave all the students personalized guitar picks and guitar pick containers from Tree Picks. How awesome! :)

The first part of the class covered "Now what" - to get student thinking what they want to do next with their music, goal setting examples and how they are going to get there. Then it was group co-write time and the group came back with some great ideas utilizing the words "Night, Pepsi & Hair" - how these three random words can be used very differently!

Then it was time for Joni Delaurier to join the group to chat about her experiences in the Music Industry as a songwriter singer. We were also treated to a performance of a song or two from Joni.

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