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Write On! Showcase 2024 Program| April 21
2 Sets with intermission 

Nancy laberge

MC Nancy Laberge 

Nancy Laberge leads this intensive eight-month songwriting mentorship program. Write On! is in its third season and is tailored for Alberta's emerging talents. With personalized mentorship, industry insights, performance coaching, and a focus on music business essentials, participants not only refine their craft but also foster a tight-knit music community. Nancy's program shapes the next generation of Alberta's music scene, cultivating a legacy of artistic excellence and community support.

Performance | Set 1 | 2:00 pm - 3:15 pm

Alice Jane

Alice Jane - Originally from the northern beaches of Sydney, Australia, Alice grew up performing on a starter-kit Yamaha acoustic guitar that she colourfully painted to make her own. Now settled in Calgary as a full-time mother, solo artist, and one-half of the folk duo Meadowsweet, Alice continues to bring her colour to the singer-songwriter tradition. Her lyrics and melodies present a unique blend of sweetness and honesty that highlights the beauty in society.  

Sonia Deleo

Sonia Deleo - Prepare to be swept away by the mesmerizing talent of Calgary-based artist, Sonia Deleo.  With a voice that resonates with both grandeur and sensitivity, she effortlessly merges folk and soul to create a musical journey unlike any other. Her masterful vocals and heartfelt storytelling are sure to leave you spellbound. Get ready to experience the extraordinary musical world of Sonia Deleo.

Aly Williams

Aly Williams - Aly learned classical guitar and started writing songs as a teenager. Her music celebrates the history and landscape of her home in Southern Alberta near the Rocky Mountains. She just started sharing these songs a few months ago with the help of the write-on program.


Melodyalala - Melodyalala embraces her musical destiny with a name as vibrant as her work. From school percussion and French Horn, to expressing herself through painting, her artistry spans diverse mediums. As a former figure skater, she translated emotional melodies into captivating ice performances. Her musical journey began in her teens, where she delved into solo songwriting and contributed to a high school band.

Matthew James

Matthew James - Meet Matthew James, the Australian singer-songwriter renowned for his compelling performances and commanding vocals. With a passion for connecting through music, Matthew bares his soul in honest lyrics, addressing personal struggles and broader social themes, creating an immersive experience for his audience.

Hayley Isabel

Hayley Isabel - Hayley Isabel is a singer-songwriter. She is the recipient of the 2024 Alberta Country Music Youth Horizon Award. Hayley has developed a natural ability to connect her music with an audience. The young musician is inspired by artists such as Taylor Swift, Jackson Dean and Lainey Wilson. 

Elliot Wyman

Elliot Wyman - A chance encounter with a clarinet as a boy kicked off Wyman’s musical journey that has ebbed and flowed across the continent landing finally in Calgary. His lyrics capture the human spirit and his music tests the boundaries of folk, blues, rock and country for a hybrid sound that is familiar yet uniquely his own.

Chantel Dixon

Chantel Dixon - Music runs through Chantel's veins like electricity. Seriously, she was singing before she could even walk! High school was a game-changer when her choir teacher sparked her love for music. Fast forward, and she's a self-taught keyboard wizard, actor, and teacher. But ask her what tops it all? Being a mom- hands down, her favorite gig!


Maclayne - Maclayne is an independent singer-songwriter artist from Calgary with a style often compared to Sara Bareilles and Olivia Rodrigo. Her particular brand of folk-pop is quirky, theatrical and honest. Her third and most recent single “sing”, (march 2024) is currently receiving airplay on CBC, X92.9 Calgary’s Alternative, and campus radio across Canada. One additional single is planned leading up to the release of her debut album (summer 2024). 

Performance | Set 2 | 3:30 pm - 4:30 pm

Jason Andrew Griffith

Feature Performer Write On! Alumni

Jason Andrew Griffith - Jason is one of our fabulous Write On! 2022-23 Alumni. Hailing from the small-town Alberta and now rocking it out in Calgary. He's all about that storyteller country vibe mixed with Americana and rootsy goodness. Think folk, blues, and rock from the last century all rolled into one. It's like a rollercoaster of emotions- from playful and upbeat to heartfelt nostalgic, with some good ol' toe tapping fun thrown in. 

Kaylei McIvor

Kaylei McIvor - Born into a musical family, Kaylei began learning guitar at a young age and was encouraged by their parents to explore writing. Their music blends folk with indie punk and explores personal experiences through poetic writing and abstract chord progressions.

Keelyn Thorogood

Keelyn Thorogood - Keelyn is a nineteen year old singer-songwriter from Cochrane, Alberta, who has spent most of her childhood studying classical voice and piano. In recent years, she has begun exploring different styles of music while slowly discovering her voice as an artist. She consumes a ridiculous amount of music on the daily (honestly it’s either concerning or impressive!) and as a result, she has developed an eclectic palate.

Craig McIvor

Craig McIvor - Craig has been penning tunes since he hit double digits. From Billy Joel to Radio Head to Keith Urban, his musical tastes are all over the map. But while Craig can amaze you on the piano, his heart beats to the rhythm of his guitar. There's just something about the percussive, soulful strumming that opens up his craft as a songwriter.

Tim Gareau

Tim Gareau - With 60+ songs to his credit at 60 years old, Calgary Hometown lad Tim Gareau has just begun! His songs take listeners on a journey of discovery, which are at times deep and thought provoking, sometimes wacky and fun…. and always relatable. Tim’s performances are all about authentic connection, creating something joyful, and drawing his audience into the experience!

KJ Miller

KJ Miller - KJ Miller’s passion and drive for music started in a small rural town in Nova Scotia, where he started singing at the age of 3. Growing up with a father who played in local rock bands, and a grandmother that played on live radio, he was destined to follow his dream of music stardom. KJ’s sound is a well blended mix of classic country and modern pop music, and his biggest influences range from Brooks and Dunn to Mariah Carey. He writes original music from his walks of life, and will be releasing music soon.

Eden Taylor

Eden Taylor - Eden has been rocking the stage since her early days, performing with groups like the Young Canadians before landing a featured vocalist in Rev 52. In addition to being a great singer, Eden taught herself how to play piano. She is driven, tenacious and is all about the songwriting grind, pouring her heart and soul into every lyric and melody. Eden's chasing her music dream full-time!

Group Performance 

Write On Class plus Jan Boydol, Pip Hazell, Nancy Laberge
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