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Write On! March Highlights

March we were back in person for our sessions!

To begin we looked at "outside of the box" examples and techniques to songwriting and students were asked to find two examples of "Out of the box" songs to bring to the next class. To give you an idea, check out "Bad Guy" by Billie Eilish or "Drunk" by Elle King and Miranda Lambert. Two excellent examples of songs that are a little out of the norm but did amazingly well. The group then went off to group co-writes with assigned genres outside of their comfort zone. There was a drone song group, a rock song with no rhymes group, a country song group and more! They came back with some excellent ideas!

Then we had the fabulous Tom Coxworth from CKUA Folk Roots join us to talk about life in music and life in radio. He discussed the importance of authenticity, knowing your listener and listening to other artists to grow - Students got to ask questions and discuss radio programming with Tom.

March saw four more of our participants hit the Calgary Folk Club Stage. Gwynne Penner, Rick Bourassa, Aisha Boyce and Leeanne Lightfoot played throughout March to open the shows prior to the acts, Johnny Moonshine and Poor Nameless Boy.

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