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Write On! Late November Highlights

We're back with our second November update.

Photos Caption: WriteOn! Students supporting Leanne out at the Calgary Folk Club

Our first student got to perform at the Calgary Folk Club on November 26. Leanne Lightfoot performed her song "No News Today (World Gone Crazy)" and you can watch a snippet of the performance on our Instagram reel here.

We had a fabulous turn out of the class attend the club to support Leanne and they were all sporting the WriteOn! T-shirt so you could easily recognize them at the club. What a fantastic evening and also watching Horizon Ridge and Jeffery Straker.

On November 27 after a late night at the Folk Club the student arrived bright and early for our Saturday morning songwriting session. It was amazing to hear the buzz about the night before. We went over the last assignment which was deeper into writing in a "What am I?" exercise. Then we touched on different types of Rhyming including internal, perfect, near and identical rhymes and alliterations.

The group split into 4 small groups and went off to work on a song using the subject "A Rainy Day" with the challenge to include internal and near rhyming in a 30 minute group song-write. We were so impressed by what the groups came up with in 30 minutes, and we would LOVE to hear some of these songs be completed!

This week Mark Troyer from Evergreen Studios was our guest speaker. As part of the course, the students will have the optional opportunity to work with Mark Troyer to produce one of their songs, they can either produce a more acoustic professional demo, one with more layers of vocals and instruments or one full larger scale production. Having a professional demo is one step towards refining your application to apply for arts grants to make more music!

The class was sent away with an assignment to write a holidays song of some sort and we can't wait to see what they come up with. We're hoping for the next Joni Mitchell's- River or another holiday classic.

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