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Newly Launched Write On! Travelling Songwriting Mentorship Program

Write On! brings a comprehensive, weekend immersion songwriting program right to your community. It’s designed for beginner to intermediate songwriters who want to explore their songwriting talents and connect with other local songwriters. In essence, students will learn how to take their song from the kitchen table to the stage. Participants will:

  1. develop their craft,

  2. experience co-writing,

  3. get the opportunity to perform on stage,

  4. learn how to engage with audiences

  5. gain an understanding of music industry basics. 

Contact Nancy to learn how this weekend immersion program can be brought to your community and its aspiring songwriters.


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Learn the key elements of songwriting 

Network with songwriting peers and opportunities for co-writes

Learn about recording a demo and then create one!

How to promote your songwriting to the people that need to hear it

Opportunities for performance and performing tips 

Meet experts from the music industry 

Do you love writing songs? Would you like to be mentored by professionals in the music industry? Here is your chance...

The Write On! program is entering its second 8 month program after an extremely successful first round, with a 100% “Recommend to a friend” score, nine writers recording their song professionally which will be released on a podcast with CJSW and a completely SOLD OUT final concert. We have all made new friends, made some great music and supported and celebrated every participant.


Join Write On! for our 2nd Annual Songwriting Mentorship Program in collaboration with the Calgary Folk Club. The program runs from September 2022 through April 2023.

Applications open up again for the 2023-24 season in the summer of 2023. In the mean time join us on instagram and follow along with this years students. 

Write On! facilitator - Nancy Laberge

Nancy Laberge is passionate about teaching songwriting, community building and believes in the power of song and future of all writers. Nancy is the founder of the Calgary Songsmiths, a local songwriting chapter, who meet monthly, offering a songwriting networking and open mic group event. Nancy is also the founder of Write On! The Songwriting Experience; an educational songwriting program that helps writers develop their craft and express their creative passion. Nancy has facilitated songwriting courses over the years, for example working with songwriting youth and one-on-one coaching with local songwriters. Nancy has produced three albums that have been played across radio stations, leads the Backyard Betties band who has played multiple festivals and events, has a film and tv publishing contract with Department 9 and a song featured in a pivotal documentary about women’s rights in Afghanistan - ”The Secret Marathon”.


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