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Participant & Student Experiences

Participant from WriteOn! Songwriting Mentorship Program 2021-22
The Write On! The experience was awesome. Each month I was challenged, encouraged, stretched and educated in so many ways. Each lesson served to educate me in a different part of writing and singing. Nancy is the perfect person to run this program because she is so real and so encouraging. She makes you feel like you CAN do anything without being in your face! I was able to take a song that meant a lot to me and take it to another level because I learned about how to make it’s message more effective, how to perform it in a more personal way, how to use banter to connect with the audience, and how to get it to a level so it sounds good on a recording.  There are so many aspects than just writing a good song because if you can’t share it effectively then the message is not heard.  I think the show at the end proved how much the students learned. - Lisa

Participant from WriteOn! Songwriting Mentorship Program 2021-22
Going through the Write On! program was eye opening and informative. As this was the 1st class of this kind I can only see it getting better every year as it grows . The info and knowledge gleaned from this course as well as the insightful info from the guest speakers was a treasure trove of industry know how. I would strongly recommend this course to any aspiring songwriter who would like to move ahead in any part of your career. - Class of 2021/22 Miles Tornberg 

Write On! The Songwriting Experience

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